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Helping brands, non-profits, Churches and organizations harness the power of spoken word. 

Passionate speaker, writer, poet, and voiceover artist in Dallas, TX.



I’ve been a writer, speaker, poet, and voice over artist for over 25 years, using my writing and speaking gifts to support community theaters, corporations, churches, and more in the US and abroad.
But enough about me — what matters most is how I can help you. As a writer and spoken word artist, I’m able to customize poetry to fit your specific needs.

 I bring my creative voice to your vision, always with quick response times and professional sound quality.

I'm Senecca. Spoken word poet, writer, and creative wordsmith.

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So, I started sharing poetry at churches, events, and later, organizations. And not every poem I write is a “church” poem, but they all focus on that one mission: spreading hope and love. 

Spoken word poetry was the answer. 

Meet Senecca
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I’m a Creative Writer: commission skits, shorts, feature films, and custom poetry.

I’m a Christian Spoken Word Artist and Poet: sharing the love, hope, and redemption found in Christ through spoken word poetry.  

I’m a Voice Over Artist: an African American female voice actor ready to showcase your story and bring your vision to life through words. 

How I’ll share that hope with your organization...

My main passion in life is sharing the message of Hope found in Christ, and this passion is heard and felt through every poetry piece I create and minister. I’ve written relative, relatable, and Christ-centered skits used in a variety of settings and occasions.  

I remember how I used to feel so… well, bored listening to the same-old sermons again and again at church every week. I didn’t feel like talking about God in the same way all the time would resonate with those who didn’t spend their lives attending traditional church services. 

I started thinking — how could I spread the hope and love of Jesus in a more creative way? 

Bringing a message of hope...

- nelson mandela

"May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears."