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This love for writing would later evolve and allow me to share my heart for God and people through stories and poetry.

In the beginning, writing was a way of processing, and, at times, even escaping life experiences because it allowed me to freely express the feelings and emotions I couldn’t express verbally. 

I’ve always enjoyed putting words together like puzzle pieces.


In short? Writing has been a part of my story for most of my life. 

Creative writing was always natural to me, even as a child. I remember in elementary school, teachers and students laughing and waiting to hear me read my stories out loud — they couldn’t wait to discover where my imagination took me each time.  

That love of writing continued to grow: In high school, I wrote a poem (which was not the assignment, by the way!) and my English teacher asked me to stay after class and encouraged me to start using my voice through poetry. And in college, a similar thing happened with an English professor. 

work with me

Whether through spoken word or writing skits for Sunday service.  

After the suggestions of (many!) friends, I combined my acting experience and my love for speaking and words to work as a voice actor. 

Now, I’m able to work with various brands and organizations to bring their visions to life through voice over work. My voice has been described as warm, friendly, conversational, passionate, authoritative, motivational, and authentic.

With a heart for ministry I’ve been able to share my gifts, like spoken word and even skits, with many churches and organizations both in the United States and Internationally.

Finding a voice — and sharing it

Really, I want to be able to share the joy of Christ in a creative way that resonates more than the traditional, same-ol’ sermons week in and week out. With spoken word, I’ve been able to reach so many more people at home and abroad and share my mission of hope and love. 

Being able to custom-tailor poetry and narratives to fit specific organizations’ and groups’ needs has really opened the door for so many powerful connections. 

I want to spread hope and love through words.

My “why”: sharing YOUR “why”

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- Angela Christine
Professional Actor

“Senecca can take a vision, or even a word and give life to it. She is excellent in her craft, a true writer, and artist with a passion for clarified truth and authenticity."