What is Spoken Word Poetry? Spoken Word Poetry is a transporter of stories. It translates the emotions and inner thoughts we sometimes don’t know how to articulate. 

It has the power to renew energy in a stale room, to start your event on an engaging, inspirational note, or even to bring calm to the chaos by allowing for reverence or reflection. Through every poem I write, my intention is to leave the audience with a feeling of hope that lasts well beyond the event or service.

Spoken Word Poetry

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Those are a few of the common ones — but there’s almost always a lasting, visceral emotional reaction… and that’s what makes spoken word so magical. 

I know you’ll feel those same expressions and more after your event, because I plan to leave it ALL on the platform (or stage)!


Reactions to Spoken Word Poetry

“Holy Ambition” is a peak into my journey to get on the right path.
I pray this piece challenges you to check your own heart, just as I had to examine my own + pray it encourages you to be obedient to the direction of our unfailing compass, the Holy Spirt. What’s your ambition?

Holy Ambition

Custom spoken word piece for Non Profit Fundraising Event.


COVID-19 has pushed us all into a new normal, but it doesn't change the greatness of our God.

New Normal

How do you live through the mountains and valleys of life?

Valleys & Mountains

A portion of the spoken word written and presented by Senecca Baker in honor of the life of Botham Jean. #BeLikeBo

Botham Jean Gala Event

IS It Well

My Hero



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My work speaks for itself.

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This is where we’ll discuss things like the date and time, length of the piece, whether you want an in-person performance, live video, or prerecorded video, and more.

Let’s get down to the details so we can create the best experience possible catered fully to your needs. 

After the phone call, I’ll take it from there! I’ll settle down with my research, a pen, and a blank sheet of paper — and start my tried-and-true writing process as I prepare to perform at your event. 

I promise to always respond within 24 hours. I’ll then schedule a call for us to chat about your needs. 

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- Artavia Randall
Women’s Ministry Coordinator

“Senecca has been chosen by God to do a great work for such a time as this. Her pieces are inspirational and thought provoking. You can hear her heart for God and
His people when she delivers spoken word. Her writing grabs you, takes you on a journey, and leaves you wanting more. “